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Peter Risdon, Barbara Wancke and Sheila O'Reilly
Peter Risdon, Barbara Wancke and Sheila O’Reilly

The team at Celebrity Tennis have decades of experience in the bank.

Peter Risdon heads up Celebrity Tennis and is the former Treasurer and Councillor of the Tennis Industry Association UK.

He took a two-year break from the City as a stockbroker in 1982 to manage Lew Hoad’s Campo de Tennis in Spain and opted for early retirement in 1997 to focus on Celebrity Tennis.

He is also Chairman of Woodfield Grove Tennis Club in Streatham.

Barbara Wancke has over 35 years working as an administrator in the tennis world and is a former Director of Women’s Tennis at the International Tennis Federation.

During her career she also held posts at Dunlop Sports Co Ltd and IMG.

She ran the Federation Cup for 10 years as well as the 1988 Olympic Tennis Event in Seoul before branching out on her own.

As Executive Vice President, she ran the administration of the TIA UK for ten years and was the MD of Celebrity Tennis Ltd before it became an independent consultancy.

Sheila O’Reilly has over 30 years’ experience in the retail industry beginning in the travel business before moving into publishing and latterly owning one of the UK’s leading bookshops.

She brings her experience of customer service and business know-how to help Celebrity Tennis fulfil client’s needs.